Wuxia Translations

Back in 2001 I stumbled across a site that was hosting fan translations of a style of Chinese novels called "Wuxia", which translates as Righteous Heroes.  I instantly became a fan, and several years later I decided to try and do some translation of my own.  The following are books I have worked on as a translator or editor.

As a word of caution, I do not speak Chinese.  I used as many computer tools as possible to try and squeeze out the best meaning as possible and then put that down into understandable English.  I also decided to keep the Chinese names instead of trying to Anglicize them.  If you are looking for an authoritative translation that does not contain any errors, then this probably isn't for you.  If you are up for an amusing read, then by all means go ahead and take a look.

Translated Works

Moon Demon - Huang Yi

Legend of the Longsword Master - Huang Yi 

Volume 1

  Volume 2 

Not sure I want to keep going with this work. As a little added information, there are a total of 123 Chapters to this work, and I forget how many volumes it is divided into, but I remember it averaged out to about 10 chapters per volume.  So it is about 12 volumes long.


Edited Works 

The majority of work that I have edited has been in conjunction with an Excellent translator named +Lanny Lin .  The following are the novels we are working on.  Go say hi to him and tell him how much you appreciate his work, because he is 1000 times better than me.  He is a big reason why Wuxia exists in English right now.

Joy of Life - Maoni

Joy of Life is Maoni's second internet novel.  After gaining immense popularity with his first novel, this is the second in his series of three.

 Volume 1: The City by the Sea

The Outcast - Maoni

 Volume 1: Eastwood is all Stones